About This Site

This website is meant to be a useful tool for people who are learning – or would like to learn – Fire Dynamics Simulator.

About Me

I’m an Engineer, and I use FDS in my job.

I’ve learnt FDS by myself and I know it can be difficult to grasp, especially if you’ve never coded before.

One thing is for sure: leaning FDS is not impossible!

The FDS input file adopts a very simple coding structure and does not require any specific programming skill to begin with.

With the help of this website and the resources I will link below, I’m sure you will be able to become independent in your Fire modelling endeavors.

Useful Resources

This website:

FDS-SMV download:

FDS-SMV manuals:

FDS+Evac homepage (where you can find the FDS+Evac manual):

Discussion Group site for FDS and Smokeview: